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August 01 1971


U.S. Wins Acceptance by Thant and Yahya on Plan for 153-Man Relief Unit

East Pakistan to Get U.N. Aides Under a Plan Sponsored by U.S.

By Benjamin Welles

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On March 25, President Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan ordered the Pakistani Army— predominantly composed of troops from West Pakistan—to intervene in predominantly Bengali East Pakistan and suppress widespread demands for political autonomy. Since then, the army's actions have led to widespread loss of life, property damage and economic dis location and the flight of some seven million refugees into adjoining India.

One official today described the agreement of Mr. Thant and of President Yahya to the proposals for a United Nations group, in East Pakistan as “the only ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy situation.”

Pakistan's agreement to the United Nations force is said to have been inspired largely by unremitting but unpublicized ,United States pressure. In recent years the United States has contributed about $200‐million out of the $450‐million a year in economic aid to Pakistan by an international consortium headed by the World Bank.

Request from Pakistan

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