New York Times

September 16 1971

Yahya Visits Teheran for Talks

Peace Moves With India Hinted

By Malcolm W. Browne

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KARACHI, Pakistan, Sept. 15 —President Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan returned to Pakistan today after a one‐day trip to Iran, where he was said to have held secret talks of great political importance. A communiqué said only that he had discussed matters of mutual importance with the Iranian Government.

Political and diplomatic circles speculated that there would be important developments in the next few days. Local newspapers cited “informed circles,” presumably within the Government, as saying that Iran had become conference “clearing house” for Pakistan.

Iran's ruler, Shah Mohammed Riza Pahlevi, is said to have offered his help and conference facilities to all governments and political groups involved in Pakistan's various crises.

Among these is the border conflict with India that has been simmering since March when the national army began to suppress a separatist movement in East Pakistan. Shelling across the border in East Pakistan is reported daily, and last night the Pakistani Government said that 60 Indian soldiers who had crossed into the Rajshahi district in East Pakistan had been killed.

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