New York Times

September 16 1971

Yahya Visits Teheran for Talks

Peace Moves With India Hinted

By Malcolm W. Browne


But to release Sheik Mujib and tacitly admit that he was wrongly arrested seems a step that President Yahya would be unwilling and unable to take. This is presumably at the core of the current discussions.

Circles close to the Government report that the secret trial of Sheik Mujib is nearly over. President Yahya Khan is expected to address the nation in the next few days to discuss his political plans in detail, possibly including the fate of Sheik Mujib.

Pakistan is a nation where political plotting is endemic. An attempt to kill one of the President's key lieutenants today heightened speculation that one or more conspiracies may be under way.

M. M. Ahmed, economic adviser to the President, was wounded by a knifeā€wielding assailant in Islamabad, the capital. The assailant was identified as the foreman of an air conditioning plant serving Government buildings. There was no immediate indication as to his motives.

According to a Government announcement, Mr. Ahmed, who holds Cabinet rank and is among the President's closest advisers, was attacked as he was about to enter an elevator in his office building. He was stabbed in the back, the announcement said, and is in satisfactory condition in a hospital.


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