New York Times

September 17 1971

Pakistan Chief Believed Seeking A Conference With Mrs. Gandhi

By Malcolm W. Browne

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KARACHI, Pakistan, Sept. 16 —Persons close to the Pakistani Government said today that Pakistan was making a final effort to improve relations with India, Iran, it was said, would play an important role as intermediary. President Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan returned here yesterday after a one‐day trip to Iran In which he held talks with the Iranian ruler, Shah Mohammed Riza Pahlavi. Pakistan and neighboring Iran, both Moslem nations, are close diplomatic friends.

Political informants say that President Yahya went to Iran mainly to explore the possibilities of reducing tensions between Pakistan and India, and to renew a Pakistani initiative toward a summit meeting be tween himself and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India.

Relay Role for Shah

It was speculated in political circles that if such a meeting were to take place, it would probably be in Colombo, Ceylon, whose Prime Minister, Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, has repeatedly offered her good offices in negotiations. In the past, Mrs. Gandhi has declined to meet with President Yahya.

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