New York Times

May 24 1971

A Political Solution For East Pakistan Is Urged By Bhutto

By Malcolm W. Browne


"On Dec. 7 the people made their choices and the result was three forces in the country try-the Government, the Pakistan people's party and the Awami League. Now the Awami League is banned so there are only two forces. We must accept that political reality."

Mr. Bhutto called for a moratorium on foreign debt repayment, but a more precise word is default. There is a food crisis. There is labor unrest. There is total loss of confidence on the part of the peasantry. There is a fall in production with no immediate likelihood of improvement. We speak a lot in this country about the hostile foreign press. Well, if we want a better press we must have a nation which is not a graveyard in the community of nations."


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