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August 01 1971

India and Bangladesh: Testimony from the Foreign and Indian Press

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Referring to the rebellious agitation mounted by the Awami League in East Pakistan from March 2 to 25, 1971, and India's anti-Pakistan actions in support of the Awami League rebels, which necessitated federal military action, President Yahya Khan said:

"Whilst miscreants, rebels and intruders were putting up physical resistance to the Pakistan Army, Indian Radio and Press launched a malicious campaign of falsehood against Pakistan and tried to mislead the world about the happenings in East Pakistan. The Indian Government began to utilize every coercive measure, including diplomatic offensives, armed infiltration and actual threats of invasion."


Facts show that India has not reconciled itself to the existence of Pakistan since the birth of the Moslem- majority nation took place in August 1947 by a partition of the sub-continent. Twice it has sought to settle its dispute with Pakistan over Kashmir through the arbitrament of force--first in 1948 and then in 1965. Many of its leaders describe Pakistan as their "Enemy Number One." In the Indian Parliament sit representatives of a militant Hindu-dominated political party, the Jan Sangh, whose constitution openly advocates a united India, implying the annexation of Pakistan by the force of arms.

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