Daily Al Bilad (Saudi Arabia)

September 17 1971

EDITORIAL : Honour for Pakistan

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It is a great honour for Pakistan that of all the countries Mujibur Rahman’s secessionists contacted Israel for assistance. The party who does not find help but from sources like Israel, is well-known throughout the world that it is. a tail to the colonisation and racialism. It is a party whose endeavour has failed and whose merchandise remained unused, and its wind will blow out shortly because bankruptcy in the beginning results necessarily to bankruptcy at the end. I hesitated much before commenting on news reports, received yesterday, about the arrival of an envoy of the secessionists of Mujibur Rahman in Israel to seek assistance from the Israelis—the enemies of humanity, Arabs and Islam. But the fact that the Envoy held a press conference m Jerusalem alongwith Mardakhay Shnorson and Saul Karif from Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has removed every doubt from my mind, and ascertained this tragedy.

The Israeli authorities not only received Mahmoud Qassim, the representative of Bangla Desh, but also invited him to revisit Israel whenever possible. In the meantime they have promised to help him, the fact which let him declare to the representatives of the press that what he has seen and heard from the Israelis was over his imagination. The Arabs, from the very beginning, aligned themselves against the secessionists as if they were aware through the sixth sense that the one who is dishonest to the unity of his nation will certainly contact Israeli or similar other parties one day. It is useless to report to the readers what this erring secessionist said about the benefits of cooperation with Israel, and that the religion according to his knowledge, should not interfere with policy and consequently it should not be an obstacle to such cooperation. And if enemies seek help from Israel for causing harm to Pakistan, then it is a badge of honour which encircles the chest of this huge Muslim country which has never abandoned any of the Arabs’ cases and which showed excellent position towards the Palestine case without caring for threats or pressures.

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